Fare Structure

 1. The maximum fares chargeable  with effect from 3rd Nov 2011 by the Operators of Stage Carriage /City Buses plying in the state of Goa is as under:

Stage Carriage

Maximum fare upto 4  kms Rs. 8.00
for every subsequent Km part thereof upto 10 kms                   Rs. 0.80 ps per km.
from 10kms for every subsequent km or part thereof                   Rs 0.65 ps per kms

2. The fare for Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd  Stage Carriage plying point to point with no standing passengers(Shuttle service)  to be charged Rs. 1.20 ps  per km. rounded.

3. Provided that the fares charged at every stage for stage carriages and city Buses involving fraction of 0.51 paise and above may be rounded off to the next higher rupee and fraction of 0.50 paise and less than to be ignored.