Hiring Of Buses On Contract


Casual Contract Rates

The Casual Contract rates for Volvo A. C., Luxury, Semi Luxury, Mini Buses are as follows:

Type of Contract Types of buses Min. K.M. Charge & per km. Amount Detention Amount
Round Contract A.C.Volvo 45 Seater 200 Rs 70/- Rs 14000/- Rs 8000/-
Luxury 45 Seater 200 Rs 50/- Rs 10000/– Rs 5000/-
Semi Luxury 40 Seater & above ( High back)




Rs 45/-


Rs 6750/-


Rs 3000/-


Mini Bus 39-46  Seater 150 Rs 40/- Rs 6000/- Rs 3000
Mini Bus 30-38  Seater 150 Rs 35/- Rs 5250/- Rs 3000/-
Y-1 Series A.C. 27 Seater 150 Rs 45/- Rs 6750/- Rs 3000/-
Y-1 Series Lux. 36 seater 150 Rs 45/- Rs 6750/- Rs 3000/-
Drop Contract A.C.Volvo 45 Seater 100 Rs 105/ Rs 10500/- NIL For All Categories
Luxury 45 Seater 100 Rs 75/- Rs 7500/-
Semi Luxury 40 Seater & above ( High back) 90 Rs 67.50 Rs 6075
Mini Bus 39-46  Seater 90 Rs 60/- Rs 5400/-
Mini Bus 30-38  Seater 90 Rs 52.50 Rs 4725/-
Y-1 Series A.C. 27  Seater 90 Rs  67.50 Rs 6075/-
Y-1 Series Lux. 36 seater 90 Rs 67.50 Rs 6075/-

Above revised rates are in supersession to earlier order and same are applicable to private as well as Government departments.

Further maximum contracts on interstate as well as interstate routes shall be operated on the strength of stage carriage permits as per the earlier order No.649 dt.29.09.2012 in order to facilitate the party by not charging the service tax on the bill amount. Any casual contract bus operated without stage carriage permit shall be informed to this office.

The revised terms and conditions are:-

  • Recognized institute Students rates shall be charged – Rs.2/- less per Km. on all types of buses.
  • Service tax @12.36% on 40% of the contract / bill amount shall be paid by the party in case contract is operated on special permit as per Note No.KTC/ACCTs-H.O/2014-15/2060 dtd16.03.2015 (copy enclosed). Border taxes and Toll fees shall be paid by the party.
  • Students Concession shall be extended on Interstate routes too.
  • Other Terms & Conditions to be signed by party is enclosed.
  • Any additional expenditure like passenger tax, toll and parking fees, if paid by KTCL shall be recovered from hiring party and advance shall be accordingly taken.
  • No extension or diversion of route is permitted without holding valid permit by crew.
  • If bus is utilized between 20.00 hrs to 05.00 hrs.Rs.500/- to be charged in addition.
  • Buses if required in the morning before 05.00 hrs, depot is allowed to send bus at party’s place on first day evening for party’s convenience. The driver shall be paid additional allowance of Rs.100/- for night stay in such case.
  • Cancellation rates are modified in terms and conditions.
  • No detention charges applicable for interstate operation .(Ref.No.KTC/TRF/9-1/05-06/577 dt.25.07.2005)
  • The starting and ending point of the contract will be from respective depot from where the bus / buses is / are taken on contract or from the point of start in case of school bus. This circular comes into force w.e.f. 01.04.2015. The casual contracts booked till 31.03.2015 shall be charged as per existing rates.




Monthly Concessional Pass System is implemented on shuttle services with effect from 01/01/2013.

  1. Panaji- Margao – Panaji          Rs. 970/-
  2. Panaji – Vasco – Panaji           Rs. 898/-
  3. Margao – Vasco – Margao      Rs. 874/-
  4. Panaji – Ponda – Panaji          Rs 826/-
  5. Panaji – Mapusa – Panaji       Rs 370/-
  6. Margao – Curchorem – Margao Rs 586/-
  7. Panaji –Sankhali –                 Rs. 826/-

Passes are issued under following Conditions.

  1. 23 days to & fro amount is charged.
  2. No one way pass to be issued.
  3. Pass should be purchased from T.C. or Ticket Issue Clerk.
  4. Pass can be used on all KTCL buses, except for A. C. & Luxury. They can travel A. C. or Luxury buses by paying difference in fare on endorsed route.
  5. Pass is valid on specified route.
  6. Pass is not transferrable.
  7. Passengers can directly board the bus on punching the ticket.
  8. Passes are available at the Counter or Booking Clerk of respective Depot.
  9. Passes available on any day with proportionate fare charges.
  10. Pass holder to carry pass daily. No passenger shall be allowed without pass on the bus.
  11. Pass can be cancelled /surrendered any time, at any place with refund entitlement of proportionate charges collected. Additional amount of `. 30/-towards service charges in advance shall be charged .
  12. Pass holders can board at bus station only and in between boarding shall not be allowed on shuttle buses. He/she can board on other buses at any point on specified route.
  13. Passes will be punched by Counter Clerk, Conductor or Traffic Controller.
  14. This Pass System Scheme is implemented w.e.from 1st December, 2004.
  15. KTCL reserves the right enforce/delete/modify shuttle pass scheme without prior notice.



Parcel System is available on the K.T.C. Operated  routes Of Goa RATES

As per circular no.KTC/TRF/32(155)/16-17 dtd.15.12.2016.Rates for unaccompanied document and parcel are given below as per

  • Envelope =Rs.45/-
  • Parcel upto 2kg =Rs.60/-
  • Parcel 2 kg to 5 kg =Rs.80/-
  • Parcel 5 kg to 10 kg =Rs 100/-
  • Every 1 kg & above 10 kg =Rs 15/-

Parcel with volume & less weight will be charged as below

Size:-2ft X 1ft   =Rs 100/-

Size above        =Rs 150/-

  • Commission charges to the driver peer parcel =Rs 05/-
  1. Commission charges to the dealing hand per parcel =Rs 01/-

The depot Manger, Margao / Panaji/ Vasco/ Porvorim is asked to give instructions to TC’s posted at shuttle to accept the parcels as per above referred rates.

The official posted for parcel should confirm that while charging the rates to the party should be taken not to undersign.

There is no change in commission paid to driver and controller. All other terms conditions will remain same.

All concerned to note and implement effectively.



We carry the postal mails to the different locations and villages  in the state of Goa as per the request of the postal authorities


(A) Honourable Member of Legislative Assembly:

The MLA’s are provided 100% concession on intrastate routes on production of Identity card issued by the Legislature Department

(B ) Freedom Fighters:

Freedom fighters are given 100% concession on intrastate routes on producing of Identity cards issued by Home Department.

(C) Senior Citizen:

The Senior citizens are provided 50% concession on intrastate routes on producing of Identity card issued by the Social Welfare Department.

(D) Students:

Students are given 50% concessions on intrastate routes on producing of identity card issued by schools/colleges/institutes

(E) Blind Person:

The blind person is provided 100% concession on intrastate routes on  producing of Identity card issued by the Social Welfare Department.

(F) Handicapped person:

The handicapped is provided 100% concession within the State of Goa.

(G) Cancer Patient:

The cancer patient is given 100% concession to travel on intrastate and interstate routes for medical treatment on producing of Medical Certificate issued by Goa Medical College/Tata Memorial Hospital.



The Refund Rules in brief are stated herebelow:

The cancellation of advanced tickets booked can be done at the following rates at all the Booking Offices of the Corporation and the Authorised Agents.

(a) Three days before the date of journey 10% of the amount shall be deducted towards cancellation charges

(b) Two days before the date of journey 15% of the amount shall be deducted towards cancellation charges

(c) One day before the date of journey 25% of the amount shall be deducted towards cancellation charges

(d) Two hours before the journey 50% of the amount shall be deducted towards cancellation charges


The passenger is required to purchase a fresh ticket for the same seat and the date of travel and on completion of travel he is required to send an application within 30 days attaching the ticket he/She travelled and reference of the date of booking of the old ticket and the booking office and submit this application to any of our booking offices for onward submission and verification. The refund shall be made at the desired address after deducting 10% and the Money order or Demand draft charges as applicable.


In case of breakdown of services and no alternative arrangement made the proportionate fare shall be refunded.  The refund of ticket in any cases shall be made within 30 days from the date of travel.