Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited was set up by the Government of Goa as a company in the year 1980 with the objective of providing safe, reliable , time saving. Efficient, comfortable and affordable services to the traveling public. The entire share capital of the Company is held by the Government pf Goa. The total share capital as on date is Rs.25.90 crores. The capital invested was utilised to develop the infrastructure of the Corporation like construction of depots, bus stands, central workshop and acquisition of buses. The corporation has a fleet strength of 432 no. of vehicles.
The Corporation since its inception has been operating in competition with the private operators. We are unable to meet the entire demand of public transport but we are presently operating 87690 kms per day. The liberalisation policy, the amendment in the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and the increasing input cost in terms of material and labour have had a direct impact on the cost of operation. The Corporation has still endured to provide the best means of transport to the people of Goa thereby assisting in the economic growth of the State.