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Government Notification No. DTPT/Estt/2046/2014/3983 dt.14/11/14
The Government of Goa is pleased to frame the  “Seasonal Pass Scheme for Daily Commuters and  Students by Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited – 2014”. Which will replace the existing “Seasonal Pass scheme for Daily Commuters and students by Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited -2012” from 01 st November ,2014.

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Preamble.— Government  of Goa  has established State Road Transport Undertaking (STU) in October 1980. The  aim  and  object of the   State Transpor t Under taking was to provide safe and  reliable bus  transport service to the  commuters including the  students  from remote villages. The concessional travelling service was extended to  senior citizens, the physically disabled, the blind, veterans, ladies, cancer patients etc.

Today, due  to increase in self-owned transport services like motor  bikes, cars,  etc., there is  road  congestion resulting in  road accidents especially of motor  bike  riders and private car  owners. In addition to the  traffic congestion and  accidents, there is  alarming increase in pollution and  parking problems in all the  urban areas.

To  alleviate the  common man  from  this serious  problem, the  Government of Goa endeavors to  provide concessional  public transport to daily  commuters and  students.

1. Short  title  & commencement.— (i) The scheme shall  be  called the  “Seasonal Pass Scheme for Daily Commuters and  Students by Kadamba Transpor t Corporation Limited-

(ii) The  scheme shall  come  into  force  from the date of its notification in the Official Gazette.

(iii) The scheme shall  be in force up to December, 2017. However Government reserves the right to cancel or modify the scheme at any time without notice.

  1. Objectives.— The  main  objectives of the scheme are  as  follows:—(i) Concession to daily commuters travelling in buses operated by the  Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited.(ii) Encouraging use of Public  Transport system in Goa.(iii) To provide safe  and  reliable service and strengthen Public  Transport network in urban and  rural  areas.(iv)  To decongest the road   and   provide environment friendly service.

    3. Scope  of the  scheme.—
    (i) The  scheme shall  be applicable to all commuters travelling within the  State of Goa.

    (ii) The  scheme provides for disbursement of subsidy to Kadamba Transport  Corporation Ltd.,  for providing concessional travelling to the commuters, students and other concession holders.

    (iii) The  scheme provides for concessional passes as below:

    A. Commuters in General:–

    (a) Concession of 40% for Weekly  Pass. (b) Concession of 50% for Fortnightly Pass.
    ( c )  Concession  of  60%  for  Monthly, Quarterly, Half yearly  and  Yearly  pass.

    B.  To students  and   others   who   are presently eligible  for 50% concession:–

    (a) Concession of 70% for Weekly  Pass. (b) Concession of 75% for Fortnightly Pass.
    ( c )  Concession  of  80%  for  Monthly, Quarterly, Half  yearly  and  Yearly Pass.

    (iv) The  concessional pass shall  entitle the user  to  travel during the  validity of the  pass on  any  number of occasions on  the  route or part of the  route for which the  pass is issued.

    (v) Concessional pass shall  be  issued for a period of One  Week,  Fortnightly, One  Month, Quarterly (3 months), Half yearly  (6 months), and  Yearly (12  months).

    (vi) The concession under concessional pass scheme shall  be  applicable for all the  routes operated by KTCL within the  State of Goa only.

    4. Eligibility conditions under  the  scheme.— (a) Regular commuters namely, Government Servants, Industrial Workmen, Ladies, Gents, Students, Senior  Citizens, Physically disabled, Businessmen as  also  Tourists, etc.,  travelling within the  State of Goa  shall  be  eligible for concessional travel under the  scheme.

    ( b )  Student means a  bonafide student enrolled in any educational institution, college, university, etc.

    5.  Quantum of concession.— (a) Regular commuters   shall    be    provided with  a concession as  defined under clause 3 (iii) (A) of the scheme for travel within the State of Goa.

    (b)  Bonafide student  shall   be  provided concession as  defined under clause 3 (iii) (B) of the  scheme for travel within the  State of Goa.
    (c) Concessions to those who  are at present eligible for 50% ticket concession shall  be provided as  defined under clause 3 (iii) (B) of the  scheme.

    6. Procedure for concessional pass.—  (a) For the  commuters.—
    1. The  applicant shall  apply in FORM ‘A’ annexed herewith along with onetime fee of Rs.  20/-    (Rupees Twenty only)  and  a passport size  photograph of the  applicant to the  Kadamba Transport Office.

    2. Kadamba Transport Corporation Office after  receipt of the  application shall  issue a Unique Identification Number (U.I.N.) to the applicant having a computer generated  10 digit   identification number in  form  of a card.

    3.  A  concessional pass  with photo of applicant shall  be  issued on  production of card  at any ticket counter of the Corporation at the  Bus Stands.

    4. The  concessional pass issued by  the KTCL shall  not  be  valid  to be  used for any other purpose except for availing the benefit of concessional travelling under the scheme.

    5. The concessional pass to the  bonafide students shall  be  issued as  per  the  validity of the Identity Card issued by the respective Institutions.

    (b)  For the  State Transport Undertaking (KTCL).—  1. The  route-wise and  stage-wise char t  will   be   prepared  to   identif y  the Concessional Pass (C.P.) amount which will be computer generated.

    2. Kilometer-wise C.P.  amount will  include chargeable fare as per the eligible concession.

    3. Once the pass is issued to the commuters the   subsidy   amount   will   be   generated automatically for further pass issued on  the route identified.

    4.  Consolidated list/details  of pass with subsidy amount shall  be claimed by  Kadamba Transpor t   Corporation Ltd.     from    the Government.

    5. The Kadamba Transport Corporation shall issue a Zero value  ticket (Separate Zero value ticket for each route) to the  eligible concessional pass holders during their  actual travelling within the  State of Goa.  The  travel shall  be considered valid/authorized only if the seasonal pass and Zero value ticket is produced on demand. The subsidy claim shall  be submitted to  the  Depar tment on  quar terly basis. The amount of subsidy for the respective quarter shall be on the basis of the presumption of 75% travelling by  the  eligible concessional pass  holders  during  the   quar ter   to   be reimbursed on  the  percentage as  indicated under clause 7(3) of the  Scheme. The  Data  of Zero  value  tickets will  be  submitted ever y month.

    6. Calculation of concession shall  be  on the basis of the  period of the  concessional pass issued for travelling.

    7. Financial implication and disbursement of subsidy by  the  Department.— (1) The subsidy to the extent of actual concession given by the Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd., to the pass holder shall be claimed by the Corporation on quarterly basis after completion of each quarter based on the basis of the presumption of 75% travelling during the quarter by the eligible concessional pass holder as per the percentage as detailed below:- (a) 25% of sale value shall be the subsidy reimbursement on 40% concession and 150% of sale value shall be the subsidy reimbursement on 70% concession on the weekly pass.

(b) 50% of sale value shall be the subsidy reimbursement on 50% concession and 200% of sale value shall be the subsidy reimbursement on 75% concession on the fortnightly pass.

© 87.5% of sale value shall be the subsidy reimbursement on 60% concession and 275% of sale value shall be the subsidy reimbursement on 80% concession on the monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly pass.

(2 )  Department of Transport shall reimburse the subsidy claim once claim is received from the corporation after completion of each quarter.

(3) The Finance Department shall check the correctness and authenticity of such claim after periodic interval as deemed fit by the Finance Department.

(6) an additional amount of Rs.10.00 Cr. Shall be released to KTCL for operating the scheme which will be recovered on completion of recovery as indicated at Sub clause (1) of the seasonal Pass Scheme for Daily Commuters and students by Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited-2012, in the same manner stipulated in sub clause (1) of that scheme .

  1. Validity and Review.— The validity of the scheme is extended upto December ,2017 and review shall be due in November ,2017.
    9. Relaxation.— The  Government shall  be empowered to  relax  any  or  all  clauses or conditions of the  scheme in genuine cases to be  recorded in writing.10. Interpretation.— If any  question arises regarding interpretation of any  clause, word, expression of the  scheme, the  decision shall lie with the  Government, which shall  be  final and  binding on all concerned.11. Redressal of Grievances and  Disputes.— Grievances, if any, arising out of the implementation of this scheme, shall be heard and  decided by the  Director of Transport and the decision of the Director of Transport in this regard shall   be  final  and   binding on  all concerned.This  issues with the  concurrence of the Finance Department vide  their  U.O. No. 5042/F dated 05.11.2014.By order  and  in the  name of the  Governor of Goa. Arun L.Desai, Director  & Ex Officio Addl.
    Secretary (Transport).

    Panaji, 14th .November 2014.