Concessional Pass System

KTCL started its concessional pass system from the year 2012.

Passes are issued under following Conditions.

1. 40% concession is given on total monthly fare amount to General Commuters.
2. 70% concession is given on total monthly fare amount to Senior citizen and Bonafide students
3. No one way pass to be issued.
4. Pass should be purchased from Ticket Issue Clerk at Pass counter.
5. Pass can be used on all KTCL buses, except for A. C. & Luxury.
6. Pass is valid on specified route only.
7. Pass is not transferrable.
8. Passengers can directly board the bus on production of valid pass.
9. Passes are available at the Pass issue counter on any day.
10. Pass holder to carry pass daily. No passenger shall be allowed to travel by bus on concern route without pass.
11. Pass can’t be cancelled /surrendered.
12. Pass holders can board at bus station only and in between boarding shall not be allowed on shuttle buses. He/she can board on other buses at any point on specified route.
13. Passes will be punched by Conductor or Traffic Controller.
14. KTCL reserves the right enforce/delete/modify shuttle pass scheme as per government directives.

Link to apply for concessional pass:

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