Vision and Mission

Vision Document of Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd., Goa

Sr. No. Particulars Reply
1 Vision To provide the World’s best transport system which is safe, reliable, efficient, environment friendly.

Built transport to inspire use and solution to environmental crisis.

Mission :-

a) Promote Public Transport.

b) Improve service to last mile.

c)Improve Company’s internal management for using available resources efficiently.

d)Increase degree of commitment and engagement of Company’s employees.

2 Objective Section wise:-

a) Technical Section:- provide safe and reliable buses, clean and environmental friendly buses.

b) Traffic Section:- Schedule bus, route and timing, to give affordable and punctual service at last mile.

c) Personnel Section:- Obtain maximum individual development by moulding human resources. To utilize the human resources effectively.

d) Material Management:- Efficiently and economically handling of material. To reduce real cost. Improve supplier relation for Inventory Management and handling.

e) Finance and Statistical Section:- Strategic budgeting, cost containment, tax planning. Accurate record keeping and guiding other sections to reduce losses.

    Proposal Date of Compliance State Funding Central Funding
3 Short Tem Goal (To be achieved by 2021) a) Adding 50 Electrical buses to KTCL Fleet 31st March 2021 10 Crores (Sanctioned) 27.5 Crores
b) Additional 100 Electric buses in KTCL Fleet 31st December 2021 45 Crores
4 Medium Term Goal (To be achieved by 2023) a) Driver Training and Research Institute- Setting up of Driver Training and Research Institute for public December 2021 100% Funding by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
b) Augmentation of long distance 50 buses including Luxury, Semi Luxury and High Tech BS VI buses March 2022 14 Crores
c) Intelligent Transport Management System December 2022 4 Crores Through Nirbhaya funding (60:40) Ministry of Women and Child
d) The pink buses under Nirbhaya Fund March 2023 100% funding under Nirbhaya from Ministry of Women and Child
e) Add 100 more Electric buses and replace 100 old overage buses March 2023 45 Crores

Long Term Goal

(To be achieved by 2025)

a) Regional Driver Training Centre – Setting up of Regional Driver Training Centre and Stimulators August 2022 100% Funding by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
b) Replacement of 100 buses March 2024 Not available now Under FAME INDIA III Phase I Scheme through Department of Heavy Industries
c) Replacement of 150 buses December 2025 Not available now Under FAME INDIA III Phase II Scheme through Department of Heavy Industries
6 Strategic Planning Short Term Goal:- Short Term Goal referred herein will be achieved departmentally. The process is started to achieve goal. The budgetary provision is made to fulfill goal to be achieved in the short period.

Medium Term Goal:- This Goal will be fulfilled by appointing consultant. The budgetary provision will be made to replace buses as per the plans. Central Government has Incentivized the scheme through Ministry of Heavy Industries. The pink buses will be introduced through Ministry of Women and Child, Government of India which will help in Augmentation of fleet on Intrastate route. No budgetary provision is required by State Government.

Long Term Goal:- The achievement will be possible to replace 100 Electric Vehicle buses through Incentive by Ministry of Heavy Industries, Government of India through FAME II PHASE III which is likely to introduce in March 2021. The Intelligent Management and Document Management System will be implemented with help of Ministry of Information Technology and National Information Centre. The ITMS and DMS will reduce Administrative and Personnel Cost. Small Financial provision will be made in State Budget.

7 Action Plan The period specified in the Short Term Goal, Medium Term Goal and Long Term Goal will be achieved as no much budgetary provision is required by State Government.

The Budgetary incentive in replacement of Electric Vehicle buses is already made by Central Government. Small portion of budgetary provision is required for achieving Action Plan in specified period which is given in Term Goal Column.

This provision required in addition to the Existing Budgetary provision by State Government to Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd.

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